Women Entrepreneurs Network

The idea of the Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) is developed by USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) Project with the urge to support aspiring and established women entrepreneurs in Egypt and increase their access to entrepreneurial services. One of the primary goals of SEED is to increase the formation, growth, and expansion of women-owned businesses and women-owned micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Egypt. Hence, the WEN idea came about to provide women entrepreneurs with knowledge, mentorship, networking with players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and many other services to allow them to scale their businesses, increase their revenuers and employment opportunities, and do business efficiently.

The formation of the network started by bringing together representatives form leading women-focused organizations to create the founding and steering committee of the Network, which will ensure its sustainability and outreach. Further ahead, the Network itself is planned to be compromised of groups of interconnected entrepreneurs, business and financial service providers, business mentors, and other relevant actors and leaders, who are expected to contribute to achieving the WEN’s objectives and ensure its sustainability.


  1. Create a robust networking and referral platform focused on supporting women entrepreneurs in Egypt.
  2. Improve services of WEN’s member organizations and women entrepreneurs.
  3. Reach out and engage women and youth outside of major cities.
  4. Articulate and advocate for policies to enhance the MSME environment in Egypt.
  5. Publish and maintain a current directory of financial and business development services and a calendar of events for entrepreneurs.
  6. Coordinate youth networks, incubators, universities, and schools to organize and host network opportunities and activities.

Launch of Women Entrepreneurs Network

November 18, 2018
The Greek Campus

The launch event of the Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) will be held on the last day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week on Sunday, November 18th, 2018. It will be attended by different players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem including groups of interconnected entrepreneurs, business and financial service providers, business mentors, and various other relevant actors and leaders, who will be contributing on achieving the network objectives. The event will be compromised of different panel discussions, the WEN Exhibition, and WEN’s Mentorship Corner.

Panel Discussions

Two panel discussions will be held throughout the day to tackle the challenges facing Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt, and showcase inspirational stories and successful role models in Egypt. A panel discussion will be dedicated specifically to discuss WEN in depth, focusing on its objectives, prospects, and details about the membership and benefits of being a member of the Network.


The WEN exhibition will be held during the launch event to support women-owned start-ups and businesses, and will include more than 50 Women Entrepreneurs who will take part in the exhibition to showcase their business ideas, and their products. The exhibitors will get the chance to interact with the event’s attendees as well as other visitors of The Greek Campus.

Mentoring Corner

WEN’s mentoring corner will be held during the WEN’s launch event, where attendees will get the chance to meet up with a mentor, for one-to-one mentoring session. Experienced entrepreneurs, professional mentors and trainers will offer their mentoring services throughout the event, to help attendees developing their ideas and projects.


10:00   Registration

11:00   Opening Session

12:30   Exhibition Opening

12:30   Second Session: The Importance of WEN and Future Projections

14:00   Break

14:30   Third Session:  Role Models and Women Entrepreneurs Showcasing

15:30   Closing Session

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