Component B ― Financial & Non-Financial Services

Component B consists of three main functions:

  1. One Stop Shops (OSSs) – Tamayoz Centers
  2. Non-Financial Services – Business Development Services (BDS)
  3. Financial Services

Component B provides support to Private and Public Organizations to improve BDS (Business Development Services) for MSMEs and help them to grow their businesses by replicating Tamayoz Centers and supporting existing ones in the process of easing the formalization of MSMEs.

They collaborate with various stakeholders from both Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations, Private sector, Financial and Non-Financial Institutions to improve their capacities to provide high-quality, sustainable and demand-driven services.

They also prepare training sessions and awareness campaigns that target MSMEs with regard to increasing financial literacy and knowledge of available financial tools which provides them with a better understanding of how they can effectively manage their businesses.


Support Effective Business Development Services (BDS)

  • Established 8 BDS centers; supported more than 135 MSMEs in 7 governorates with 5 NGOs and 3 companies
  • Developed operational manual to run BDS centers

 Implement One Stop Shops (Tamayouz):

  • Improved OSS centers at Sohag and Qalyubiya, established OSS centers in Shoubra El-Khema., and opened a local  municipality licenses window at OSS Cairo
  • More than 7000 MSMEs served through SEED supported OSSs including around 2700 moved from the informal to the formal sector.

 Improve Access to Finance for MSMEs:

  • Developed TOT training modules on financial literacy and database of banking and MFIs lending tools
  • Delivered 7 TOT workshops on financial literacy for banks and MFIs
  • Organized 4 investment linkage forums for more than 400 MSMEs with banks, factoring and leasing services
  • Around 9000 had access to microcredit through SEED’s Intermediate partners
  • Designed investment approach for MSMEs in dairy and fishery value chain (ongoing implementation)

 Provide Technical Assistance for FIs:

  • Improved the capacity of 200 credit officer at the new SME department in the Egyptian Agriculture Bank
  • Supported Credit Guarantee Company for developing 5 years strategic plan and a promising marketing strategy
  • Supported FRA to develop and implement awareness campaign on non-banking financial services.

The Team

 Hamed Ali – Financial and Non-Financial Services Development Team Lead

Hamed works with a team of senior advisors to improve the financial and non-financial services for MSMEs in Egypt within USAID’s SEED Project. He holds an MBA and has 25 years of experience in social and economic development in the MENA region. His expertise is in capacity-building and developmental activities ranging from Micro-Finance to technical and extension services for development institutions and small business enterprises.

Ghada Kabesh –BDS Senior Advisor

Ghada is an International Development professional with more than 18 years of experience in sustainable development, financial inclusion, microfinance, MSME development and BDS for MSMEs and sustainable economic growth.

She worked with multiple donor-funded development programs, local and international development organizations, private sector and non-governmental organizations. With her vast experience in program design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, outreach, communication, research, product and business development and monitoring and evaluation for multi-disciplinary international development programs; her experience comes as an added value to USAID’s SEED Project.

Lamia El Melegui –BDS Senior Advisor

Lamia’s experience is in international trade, export promotion, program management, international relations and negotiations. 
She worked with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the European Commission and the Egyptian, British and Swiss Governments, Europe Aid Directorate (EU), the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and British Government (DFID) for the British Aid Project to Egypt.

Lamia holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations Management from the Catholic University in Milan and an Advanced Diploma in European Studies and Economics of Integration from The European College of Parma and also holds a Euro-Mediterranean Diploma on Entrepreneurship from the International University of Venice. She speaks five languages (Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish and French).

Salah Taher – Capacity Building Senior Advisor

Salah has 19 years’ experience in Aquaculture, Agro Business Development and Micro, Small and Medium Finance. His experience includes structuring and managing Commercial fish farming companies for fresh water and marine species including Marine cages, Flow through, IPA systems and Earthen ponds. 
He has previously worked in the Banking and Finance sector to develop programs for Agriculture-investments. He also worked with USAID, CIDA, EU, and UNDP and served as the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) Aquaculture Commercial/Technical Specialist for Egypt during the period from 2011-2017.

Salah holds a Degree in Biology and Political Science from the American University in Cairo, Masters of Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management and is a Certified Banking Credit Analyst from the AUC (Institute of Banking and Finance). Salah has also received the Cochran Fellowship Program for Shrimp & Marine Finfish Farming, Feed Extrusion, Nutrition and Feed management at The Texas A&M University and a Certificate in Aqua Nutrition from Progressus Agrischools, Thailand.

Nancy Naguib – BDS Program Officer

Nancy has over 10 years of development experience with different organizations in multiple development sectors. She started her development career with Pathfinder International and USAID with the aim of solving Environmental, Health, Education and Gender issues. 
She earned her diploma in NGOs Management from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. She worked as a consultant in the Ministry of State of Population, UNFPA, OUDA, EU and other organizations. She became the Program Manager at Nahdet El Mahrousa managing Entrepreneurship and Employment project funded by the EU and the World Bank.

Her exposure in this field enhanced her knowledge and experience in sectors such as health, education, disability inclusion, women empowerment, employment, supporting Entrepreneurship and MSMEs.

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