Component A - Entrepreneurship Skills & Opportunities

Component A’s objectives are to stimulate entrepreneurship among youth and women through strengthening the capacity of the different counterparts as well as the services provided to aspiring or existing entrepreneurs with a focus on building or strengthening the ecosystem in disadvantaged areas.

Component A focuses on increasing awareness about entrepreneurship as a career option and an ultimate road to economic growth, increasing entrepreneurship education in Schools and Universities, providing mentoring services, increasing access to incubators and accelerators and other entrepreneurial Services.

Component A works with different partners of the ecosystem to ensure improved management practices, technical capacities, sustainable business models available to serve all type of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

An integral part of Component A’s mandate is gender inclusion and encouraging more youth and women to pursue an entrepreneurial career.


Stimulating Entrepreneurship:

  • Met the target of 15 Business Plan Competitions and Startup weekends, 6 of which were in Upper Egypt,
  • More than 1700 participants (around 36% are females),
  • Over 500 entrepreneurs have launched and grew their business models as a direct result of those BPC.

Incubator Capacity Building and Technical Assistance:

  • Sponsored 12 incubators (of 11 targeted ), through a U.S. study tour, international best practice training modules and a “Startup Toolkit”, provision of equipment, in addition to tailored Technical Assistance.
  • Two supported incubators are serving the most disadvantaged populations in Assuit and Qena.
  • 1414 entrepreneurs benefited from incubation services.
  • 88 incubated startups. 34 startups achieved 314% revenue growth of which 14 female startups achieved 495 % revenue growth.

Entrepreneurship Education:

  • Entrepreneurship programs introduced in 15 high schools.
  • University entrepreneurship program designed and implemented in 11 universities.

The Team

 Nashwa Ali – Entrepreneurship Development Team Lead

Nashwa currently leads the Entrepreneurship Development team with the USAID’s SEED Project. She spent her career working with Multinational Corporations in strategic planning, project management, marketing, employer branding and events management. She managed both local and regional markets for brands like PepsiCo, Shell and GE. After leaving GE, she decided to shift to the development sector where she effectively contributes to the well-being of her country from a new angle. Nashwa is a graduate of Ain Shams University, Al Alsun Faculty.

 Christine Sedky – Entrepreneurship Development Senior Advisor

Christine’s experience ranges from the World Bank in Washington D.C to the World Economic Forum in Geneva as well as her own ventures and Non-Profit Organizations. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of Southern California, a Master’s Degree in International Development from the American University and an MBA from Columbia University. She is passionate about Start-Ups, Cultural heritage and baking.

Mohamed Sultan – Incubators and Accelerators Senior Advisor

Mohamed is leading the USAID’s SEED technical assistance to public and private stakeholders to improve the services offered to Early-stage Entrepreneurs. He does this by strengthening existing and fostering the establishment of new business incubators/accelerators. He has more than 15 years of experience in strategic project management and corporate finance.Mohamed is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (English Section), Aim Shams University with a major in Accounting. He also holds an International MBA from Instituto de Empresa (IE) of Madrid, Spain.

Omar Abou El-Gheit – Program Assistant

Omar works with USAID SEED on developing and supporting Entrepreneurs who are aspiring to enter the Start-Up scene in Egypt. His previous experience was in the Services and Renewable Energy Industry. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.

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