Towards a community of ‘Kidpreneurs’ in Egypt

Young adults often find themselves at crossroads upon graduating from school. It is a time when they must make a choice that will define their future career path. At this stage, many children do not possess sufficient knowledge or practical experience to make a well-informed decision.

AlMo3askar (the Camp) is a start-up that aims to tackle this challenge by creating an enabling community for children to learn more about entrepre-neurship and develop their business ideas. Driven by a passion for entrepre-neurship education, AlMo3askar works on two fronts: the first is a series of training camps and the second is an incubation program for young entrepre-neurs.

AlMo3askar founders participated in USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneur-ship and Enterprise Development (SEED) Business Plan Competition in Cairo in July 2017. During the competition, they had access to different training modules and mentorship, which enabled them to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges. The judges gave them tailored feedback, advice, and direc-tion that helped them enhance their start-up idea and take their business to the next level. The AlMo3askar team gained a great deal of technical knowledge during the competition. They learned more about how to conduct a feasibility study and properly identify their target market.

After the competition, AlMo3askar conducted 13 camps that brought to-gether a total of 760 students and 23 local community partners. These camps included a two-day “Kidpreneur” camp that targeted youth from 12 to 18 years old, who were introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship for the first time.

After the camp, the participants connected with an online community of in-vestors and mentors. They exchanged business knowledge and connected with mentors who could help them refine their business models and network with potential investors.

AlMo3askar was named one of the 10 best social enterprises in Egypt by MBC Hope and TEDxWomen Cairo.

“AlMo3askar plans to launch its very own ‘Kidpreneur’ Incubation program by the end of 2018 and become the largest community of ‘Kidpreneurs’ in the MENA region by 2020,” said co-founder Ibrahim Fahmy.

The team is already piloting this incubation program by extending its support to three projects: Gadded for painting and renovating building exteriors in Helwan, Sehetak for first-aid kits and health awareness at Cairo-based schools, and Sanayea’a for vocational training.

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