SEED’s Entrepreneurship University Program reaching out to Upper Egypt

Start-ups founded by university students and graduates play a substantial role in bringing new knowledge to the market and in employment creation; a role that appears to be even more important nowadays as we live in a world where the future is uncertain, and it belongs to creators and innovators. And that’s why it’s important to give university students more knowledge about entrepreneurship.

USAID SEED piloted an entrepreneurship university program to provide students with business and financial management training that will help them start and manage businesses.

In this context, SEED‘s component A reached out to Aswan University and South Valley University in Qena to deliver its five-day entrepreneurship program in partnership with Enroot Development during the period of Nov 25-29 and Dec 2-6 respectively. A total of 214 students attended the program in the two universities and received certificates for the completion of the University Entrepreneurship Program training.

“This training benefits students from different faculties and backgrounds because it teaches them to cultivate unique skills and think outside the box”, said Nashwa Ali, the team lead of Component A. “SEED’s Entrepreneurship University Program also provides budding entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to come up with business ideas and develop their own ventures”.

Enroot trainers, who previously attended SEED’s TOT last July, conducted the training in the two universities, with 6 professors acting as co-trainers, as part of SEED’s tailored training to professors and staff to ensure sustainability of the program.

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